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… a bridge that connects the Delta imagery… with the more contemporary crash and wallop of the Black Keys.

Sydney Morning Herald

In Short:
Strung together with lap slide, acoustic guitar and banjo from Bill Jacobi and driven by the passionate drumming of Frank Corby, Method deliver a rhythm driven roots experience with a lyrical heart. Built on the skeletal combination of amped up acoustic guitar, drum kit and vocal harmonies, Method play an eclectic amalgamation of swamp/rock, alt-county and hillbilly funk, with a strong sense of folk and roots tradition.

Method is the musical collaboration between guitarist Bill Jacobi and drummer Frank Corby.

The two singer-songwriters met and started playing music together in The Blue Mountains during the early nineties. Originally under the name

The Rhythm Method, their live performances became legendary from the start. Stripped back and raw by nature, and empowered by an intoxicating groove and passionate songs that both lifted and resonated with their audiences.

Built on the skeletal combination of amped up acoustic guitar, drum kit and vocal harmonies, this was a powerful rhythm section with the ability to take their music from a whisper, to a growl to a roar. Drawing on a wealth of swamp/roots, blues and deconstructed hillbilly funk, they released their first EP ‘Rythmethod’ in 1996.

As seasoned sidemen, their commitments to other touring acts have meant that Method has always been a sporadic musical affair. The two now live at opposite ends of NSW but continue to tour and make records when the opportunities arise. Their 1st full length album, Grits was launched in 2001, featuring guest performances from a number of their musical cohorts, making this release a bigger more fleshed out album.

Times Like These followed in 2007, marking a return to a more roots based sound and their latest, Tales From The New Frontier (2015) sees the addition of lap slide and banjo to the mix. Kicking up plenty of dust, the new album dives headlong into front porch stompers and dusty soundscapes with pleas for our environment and for our souls, before winding it’s way along the back roads to river camps amongst the reeds, finally ending up on a long road home. This is an eclectic amalgamation of swamp/roots, alt-county and hillbilly funk, that somehow manages to look back at a wealth of musical traditions, have a good poke around and then turn it into something both original, contemporary and quintessentially Australian.

Bill and Frank have collectively shared the stage, studio and tour van with the likes of Floyd Vincent, Gangagang, Warumpi Band, The Bondi Cigars, Goanna, Chris Wilson, Neil Murray, Shane Howard, Kevin Connolly (USA), The Stiff Gins, Babalu, Tim Gaze and Dave Debs; but to hear them together is to hear them on their own ground.